Oh Johnny Forever

Our Story

Oh Johnny Forever is a love story, a research project, and the treasured sideline of an independent journalist and art book editor in New York City. 

Oh Johnny Forever is a work-in-progress. We are always learning and are committed to the daily practice of educating ourselves. We are particularly interested in understanding jewelry as a culturally, socially and emotionally charged subject. 

On April 11, 1948, 21-year old Marianne, a Swiss saleswoman, and John, a Sicilian-American G.I. stationed in Germany, met at a club in Switzerland’s capital Bern. They danced all night and were married a year later in Queens, NY. Whenever John teased his wife during their 66 years together, Marianne would exclaim “Oh Johnny!” in a loving yet determined way. They both loved Jazz, cocktail hour, a dining room filled with old and new friends who devoured Marianne’s homemade meatballs and angel-hair pasta.

Marianne and John were my grandparents and Oh Johnny Forever is in honor of their love story.

Oh Johnny Forever was born in Zürich, Switzerland in 2011 and is now based in Brooklyn, NY. We source high-quality materials and assemble them in timeless ways, while aiming to remain affordable and accessible. We don’t believe in trends or ridiculous margins and don’t consider ourselves as jewelry designers but assemblers of existing forms. 

When we receive orders, we carefully wrap the pieces in recycled pages of The New Yorker which we read religiously every week. The pouches that carry the jewelry are hand-sewn by women in Bucharest, Romania, because a family member resides there, and the fabric we use are scraps from here and there (mainly from our mother’s and grandmother’s chests). 

Please read the Good Questions section for detailed information on material sourcing, quality and care.

Thank you forever,

Stephanie & Joline