Oh Johnny!

Sliding Scale

We source high-quality materials and assemble them in timeless ways, while aiming to remain affordable and accessible. 

Oh Johnny! is the treasured sideline of an independent art book editor and freelance journalist. Together with her little sister she's been running this project since May, 2011. We do this because it gives us Joy. 

We want to share and multiply this Joy by acknowledging that income and class privilege, and the lack thereof, affect us all in different ways. We believe that everyone deserves Beauty. Beauty that is personal, durable, flexible, wearable, affordable, quick, sexy, superficial, meaningful, deep, forever, and easy. We believe in applying sliding scale pricing as a tool on our way towards economic justice. 

Sliding scale works when we meet each other in a place of trust and truthfulness, and when we accept the challenges of complexity and accountability.

All our products have sliding scale options.
Reach out and we'll make it work, together!